Winter Olympics Tournament starts today in South Korea

Winter Olympics are being held every four years as the Olympic Games. Only the games that can be played in the iceberg will be in this competition. The 23rd Winter Olympics will be held in Piengchong City, South Korea today (Friday) to 25th.

There are 15 types of games, including ice cream, skiing, skating, etc. It has 2,952 players from 92 countries including India, USA, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Germany, England, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and the Netherlands.

In South Korea, its rival North Korea is also participating in this competition. It is a great feature to have two teams in the opening ceremony. In the Ice Sheikh Ladies, the two winners are in the same team as Korea. This is the first time that the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea takes place. In 1988, Olympic competition was held in Seoul, South Korea.

The South Korean team will have 122 players in the tournament. Leaders from various countries, including the US and North Korea, are due to take part in the opening ceremony and the Olympic Village, where the tournament is held, is heavily guarded.




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