Bus fares in Tamilnadu got hiked today without any pre-announcement

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After six years, Tamil Nadu has increased fares of government buses. Minimum fare of Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) buses in Chennai has been increased from Rs 3 to Rs 5, and the maximum from Rs 14 to Rs 23. In case of non-metros, tickets would range from Rs 3 to Rs 19.
For mofussil services, the fare has been increased by nearly a third, according to a release from the state transport department on Friday evening.

The government said the fares have been increased due to the increase in the prices of fuel (by almost 50 % in six years) and spare besides maintenance and increase in the wages of employees of the various debt-ridden state transport corporations.

With more than 75% government buses being over-aged, corporations faced losses to the tune of Rs 9 crore on a daily basis and subsidy provided to compensate the additional cost was insufficient, the government said in the release.

“To overcome this, the bus fare has been revised with immediate effect,” said the release referring to a direction from the Madras high court recommending the same.
The new fares will come into effect on Saturday.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/tamil-nadu-govt-bus-fares-hiked/articleshow/62572730.cms

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